Health & Safety Responsibilities


The onus is on you to manage health & safety in your working environment. Here are some things you need to know when it comes to managing & taking control of health & safety issues in your workplace:

  1. The overall goal must be to ensure that safe & healthy systems of work are in place so that, so far is reasonably practicable, employees & others affected by the organizations’ activities do not suffer avoidable harm
  2. It’s not just about ensuring that the right controls and precautions are in place, but that the right policies, effective processes, competent people and above all, the right culture are in place to enable safe work at all times
  3. Health & safety should be seen as a key business performance issue and not a regulatory compliance burden
  4. Your staff are your biggest assets. Encourage the transfer of positive safety behaviour to road, home and leisure activities
  5. Management must ensure that there is suitable risk literacy in the organization – avoiding ignorance among staff of significant risk
  6. Organizations must develop an open reporting & investigation policy. You can only make things right if you professionally handle situations when they go wrong
  7. Regular assessment of safety procedures is important
  8. Recognizing & rewarding outstanding health & safety performance is a great way to boost standards & morale